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Journaling as a spiritual practice has become widely practiced and appreciated for its unique ability to draw out deep thoughts, stimulate creativity, clarify feelings and process emotions.  

Interactive journals are available for your consideration in Stepping Stones Bookstore.

Practice the Presence presents 365 topics to refine your sensitivity to your own spiritual ethics with space provided for your own thoughts and reflections.  Many famous people have used journaling as a way to express themselves more fully.  Leonardo da Vinci was a voracious journal writer.  His genius flowed onto the pages, complemented by drawings of his latest inventions.  Today, just one of the pages from his journal is worth millions of dollars.

Also available as a perpetual desktop application for Mac or PCSpirit is Calling offers 365 inspirational entries for one year of inner responding to the urges of the spiritual universe around and in you.  Each page provides space for your own writing with generously spaced lines.  Paper back.

Journaling offers you daily opportunities to reflect on your life experiences.  By taking a moment each day you focus on your life in a personal and powerful way.  By the end of a year, you will have authentically practiced being aware of your inner life in an exciting way.  Explore your relationship with the world of abundance and meet your inherited thought tendencies by taking time regularly to write about such topics as giving, receiving, asking, forgiving, celebrating and more, guided by The Prosperous Life Journal.

Currently the required text for the class Circulation:  Joining the Dance

Stepping Stones Bookstore.

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